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March 2023 Webinar - Guiding Your Clients To “Pay More” Attention to the Applications that run their Business page header-1

Guiding Your Clients to "Pay More" Attention to the Applications that Run Their Businesses

Both the White House & CISA have come out recently and are proposing a shift in liability for insecure software and services to the vendors and away from end users. As MSP/MSSPs, we need to think about how this might affect us, especially when working with critical infrastructure (healthcare, finance, water, utilities, SLTTs and the DIB).

In this webinar, Matt Lee, Senior Director of Security and Compliance at Pax8 and Chip Buck, CTO of SaaS Alerts will discuss the importance of software, SaaS and Data inventories, as well as the potential burden this places on MSP/MSSPs to properly vet the vendors they recommend and/or embed in their stack.

This webinar is moderated by: Andrew Morgan, Founder of The Cyber Nation

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Meet Our Presenters

Matt Lee

Senior Director of Security and Compliance, Pax8

Matt Lee has dedicated the last 10 years to raising the security tide in the SMB market. His efforts have served in every capacity in a growing MSP that grew to support 20,000 endpoints. His leadership around technology direction and security/compliance protected and elevated over 17,000 people in Small to midsize businesses in five states. He has since taken on a new role as a force multiplier under Brad Fugitt as the Senior director of Security and Compliance at Pax8. He is driving the external thought leadership to empower MSPs to continue to grow in their security knowledge and operability. He lives to ensure his children maintain the same quality of life we do around technology, which is imperiled daily by threat actors.

Chip Buck

Co-Founder & CTO, SaaS Alerts

Chip Buck is a technology visionary and a true thought leader in the fields of cloud computing, technology and software development. As the CTO and co-founder of SaaS Alerts, he brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the company. With a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Information Assurance, Chip's background in technology is second to none. As the founder of Independence IT, he created the company's CloudWorkspace virtual desktop/virtual app automation platform. With three patents in the cloud computing category related to Cloud Workspace, Chip's contributions to the industry are undeniable. In addition, Chip serves as an independent expert witness for legal teamsengaged in litigation involving software, internet, data center, cloud computing and other topics in the areas of technology management and information security.

Andrew Morgan, Moderator

Founder, The Cyber Nation & Right of Room

Andrew is an industry veteran who has been working with MSPs since 2004. As one of the earliest employees at ConnectWise, Andrew took on various roles in sales and led the cybersecurity strategy. He works with several of the industry’s top cybersecurity vendors and is the founder of the Cyber Nation and Right of Boom.