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An online community connecting SaaS Alerts and Managed Service Providers


Join the Saa$y MSP Community

The Saa$y MSP community is your chance to connect with other MSPs and SaaS security professionals to learn how to better protect your customers, generate more revenue, talk about challenges you face and share ideas for improvement.

Saa$Y MSP calls will take place every Thursday at 1:00pm EST.

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March 16, 2023

  • Product Updates 
    Chip Buck and Liran Baron
  • Customer Success Updates
    Ryan Ricciardi
  • Poll
  •  SASI Report — Customer Insights Fireside Chat
    Andrew Morgan & Jim Lippie

The Saa$y MSP Community Team

Andrew Morgan


Jim Lippie

CEO, SaaS Alerts

Chip Buck

CTO, SaaS Alerts

Ryan Ricciardi

VP - Customer Success, SaaS Alerts

Liran Baron

VP of Product & Engineering

Michelle Katz

Marketing Manager