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NCA Webinar - Session Token Hijacking (1560 x 362 px)

Session Token Hijacking - The Next Great Threat

As an MSP, you must stay ahead in cybersecurity to keep your clients secure. Despite educating them on phishing campaigns, weak passwords, and promoting MFA, more sophisticated threats — like session token hijacking, are emerging rapidly.

View our previously recorded webinar with SaaS Alerts' CTO & Co-Founder Chip Buck and Sales Engineer, Ben Jones, as they uncover the growing threat of session token hijacking. Discover how cybercriminals exploit security vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems and steal valuable information

Webinar Details

Hear from Chip and Ben as they: 

  • Explain the complexities of session token hijacking in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Walk us through a live demo of a session token hijacking attack
  • Identify potential signs of an attack 
  • Provide effective strategies and technologies to safeguard your business
  • Cover ways to keep your clients safe from session token hijacking attacks

Watch now and equip yourself with the knowledge to enhance your system's defenses. Don't let your clients fall victim to this lesser known threat.

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